Our Location

Oregon Crêpe Cafe & Bakery 315 High Street SE Salem, OR

(503) 362-8082

One Block south of downtown, near the Post Office, Indigo Wellness, Gamberetti’s and Marco Polo.  Plenty of parking! Phone us at (503) 362-8082

Real Local Strawberries are back!

There are strawberries, and then there are strawberries.  

Many of the locally grown, fresh strawberries hitting the markets are California cultivars grown in plastic or in hoop houses. Good fresh local berries. But THESE are Sweet Sunrise an Oregon Strawberry grown in dirt. These may be the best strawberries we have ever tasted. Thanks to Nanneman Farms, we have them for a few days.

Sweet Sunrise Strawberries

Sweet Sunrise Strawberries


Sorry, no more Reservations for Mothers Day

Update:  Sorry, We only have 8 am reservations available at this time.

We will be open our normal hours (8 am to 3 pm) for Mothers Day.  We will have table service and accept reservations.  We also plan to have a few special things on the Menu. Please join us.



Please Call us at (503) 362-8082 for reservations

We’re Proud of Carmen

Carmen has been a loyal crepe  customer from our early days at the Salem Saturday Market to our cafe.  When we first met she was shorter than our counter.  Now she won a medal at the Mini-Future Chef Competition. She stopped by with her family to have a victory crepe.   Way to go, girl!