Our Location

Oregon Crêpe Cafe & Bakery 315 High Street SE Salem, OR

(503) 362-8082

One Block south of downtown, near the Post Office, Indigo Wellness, Gamberetti’s and Marco Polo.  Plenty of parking! Phone us at (503) 362-8082

More Coffee in our Coffee!

We intoduced 20 ounce coffee drinks a few weeks ago.  They have been very popular.  Now that we have some experience and feedback, we’ve decided to double up on the amount of coffee in our 20oz espresso drinks.  They are now being made as Quattro (4 shots of espresso) instead of two.   Much better coffee flavor.  Enjoy.ticos-logo-bw-824101 (1)

Some Thoughts on Chowder

Recently we received some customer feedback that our Smoked Salmon Chowder was not a real chowder.  The guest reported:

.the salmon chowder was not at all what it should be salmon chowder..they had mostly veggies in there…

Have to say this did come as a surprise as the chowder is the most popular soup we make.

Our Smoked Salmon Chowder.

Our Smoked Salmon Chowder.

Doing some research, we find that there is quite a bit of variation in what folks call chowder.  And some pretty strong feelings on all sides.  Like Barbecue or Chili there are strong feelings.  In BBQ, sauces, and smoking methods have their fierce supporters and detractors. For some folks, talking about  Chili with beans, Vegan chili, or our White Chicken Chili can bring commentators flying to their keyboards,  Chowder seems to evoke similar strong feelings and the right way to make a chowder..   Wikipedia talks about Fish Chowders here, and a more general overview of chowders here:.

Ours is Gluten Free, and full of Wild Alaskan Smoked Salmon from the Oregon Lox Company, it does have potatoes, bacon, corn, and other flavorful ingredients.   While we respect those that hold different beliefs about what a fish chowder should be, we will continue making our popular, delicious and enjoyable Smoked Salmon Chowder.  We hope you will enjoy it. Stop in on a Friday or Saturday and we will give you a taste.