Our Location

Oregon Crêpe Cafe & Bakery 315 High Street SE Salem, OR

(503) 362-8082

One Block south of downtown, near the Post Office, Indigo Wellness, Gamberetti’s and Marco Polo.  Plenty of parking! Phone us at (503) 362-8082

For those with Gluten Free needs

We understand that for many people, eating Gluten can pose a serious health hazard.  We take it seriously too.

All of our crepes can be made gluten free, and our daily special generally includes a gluten free soup and gluten free muffins. We also make a gluten free bread so sandwiches, french toast etc are available.gluten-free-icon

While we do make breads and pastries with wheat flours, when we make Gluten Free items, do our best to keep our food Celiac Friendly and our customers healthy by taking the following steps:

  • All Gluten Free Crepes are made on a dedicated crepe grill with separate tools that are hand washed and stored separately from our regular equipment.
  • Our Gluten Free Bread is made in a dedicated bread machine, purchased new for this product.  Ingredients are measured and mixed using tools dedicated only to GF baking, and are washed separately, either hand-washed or washed in the very first cycle of the dishwasher in the morning.  Our muffins are baked in muffin papers that are stored in a sealed container along with our GF utensils.
  • Sandwiches are made by first placing parchment paper on the table.  Then the cook changes gloves, and uses separate tools for spreading condiments.
  • French Toast, Toast and Grilled Sandwiches are grilled in a separate pan.  The toaster is not used, for obvious reasons.


Our repeat customers report that we are helping them stay healthy.  We are always happy to discuss our practices and our ingredients to help ensure everyone enjoys their meal.

Muffulletta Sandwich

We’ve always called this a Muffaletta Sandwich, but Central Grocery on Decatur Street in New Orleans ought to know.  So we are going with their spelling.  Whichever way, it is a great sandwich. Layers of Olive Salad,  Mortadella, Provolone, Genoas Salami and Mozzarella on our Cubano Roll.  A Great sandwich!